About Dugdale Foods

About Dugdale LLC

Dugdale Beef Co. Inc. was founded by William F. Dugdale. He, along with four of his children opened the company July 9th 1975. Dugdale was a wholesale distributor of carcass beef to the independent retail supermarkets in Indianapolis and the surrounding counties. After a few short years the company branched out into the fresh pork business to compliment the beef. At the request of our customer base we took on a line of deli meats, cheeses and salads. The company growth continued as we decided to enter the independent food service industry that was begging for a distributor that would cater to their needs. This was right up our alley. For 43 plus years Dugdale has prided itself on the ability to adjust to the needs of our customers. Over the years we have expanded our footprint to cover Indiana and part of Ohio, Illinois and Missouri. Our quality product, service and competitive pricing is what has made Dugdale a premier protein distributor to the independent retail and food service industry.

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